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Angie Smith
Angie Smith, The CXVI author, has released two books of a thriller trilogy. Her fast-paced books begin with a detective theme but very quickly move to political/conspiracy/espionage.
When the murder of a colleague is linked to a series of suspicious deaths, Detective Superintendent Greg Woods’ team are tasked with solving the mystery. New to the team is Maria Barnes, whose besmirched character sadly precedes her. However Woods quickly discovers there is more to the detective sergeant than meets the eye: her skill level, knowledge base, and investigative talents far outshine his own formidable qualities. When forces contrive against them, Woods’ life hangs in the balance and for the first time in his career he risks breaking the rules. He and Barnes decide to go it alone to uncover who or what CXVI really is. The shocking truth lies at the heart of the Government and is trapped deep underground.
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The frantic search for Detective Sergeant Maria Barnes is on. She’s linked to the murder of the former Home Secretary and is desperate to prove her innocence, but she’s trapped. Her captor, Freddy Williams, a ruthless serial killer, holds all the cards; including the one she cannot allow him to reveal. Barnes is forced to adopt a dangerous bluff and double-bluff strategy, which ultimately involves the Secret Intelligence Service and her former boss, Detective Superintendent Greg Woods, combining forces. But who will survive? And who can you believe?
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