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A coming of age story following Howie Lambert; an awkward lad who joins the army in response to the shelling of his home town, Whitby. When Howie gets separated from his friends en route to the Western Front he has no idea the challenges, horror and opportunities that await him as he grapples with becoming a man, in the trenches.
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Whilst writing my book about the tragedy in 1917 when two ammunition ships collided in the harbour of Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada, it dawned on me there might be living relatives, or maybe survivors of that terrible cold day in December 1917. For this I apologise and insist all of the characters in my book are indeed fictional. The story tells of one boy’s heroic deeds after loosing all of his family in the tragedy. John Smithers was to become a household name the each and every Canadian would remember. Each and every year at 9am on 6th December the bells ring out in Halifax in memory of those who died during the tragedy. John was in fact not the only one to lose all of his family since 2,000 lives were lost and many thousands injured by flying glass and other debris. A Tragedy no less than the sinking of the Titanic some years earlier.
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