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Eris Berresford
Eris Berresford was born and raised in Hertford, where she attended school. Her career has been varied, the most enjoyable part was as a stooge for a local children’s entertainer, the most rewarding, was her involvement with a school for children with special educational needs, and she remains a fierce advocate of specialised education for children and adults with autism. In between working on ideas for novels, she reads works by dead writers and those who are almost alive. Outside of her career as an author she enjoys historical research and hopes one day to find the time to explore her other passion, archaeology.
‘What was the dark and sinister secret hidden behind the doors of Harcourt House and how can we really know, after all these years, exactly what went on in there? What has been the lasting effect on the man who now calls himself Bastian Crow?’ We all have secrets… things from the past that shape our lives and make us who we are. Successful author, Bastian Crow has a secret: something dark and disturbing. It is a secret someone wants him to keep hidden. They have killed three times to ensure it’s secrecy… and Bastian Crow is next.
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